Brow Lift

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that helps to improve the contour and position of the eyebrow, as well as to eliminate the furrows and wrinkles that result in a sad, tired, or angry appearance. As we age, the eyebrow descends and flattens and our eyebrows lose the normal arch, creating a sagging appearance to our upper eyes. A brow lift or forehead lift will restore the brows’ normal position and arch, and it can also eliminate the furrows/wrinkles of the forehead.

There are several different ways to perform a brow lift. The procedure may be performed through conventional, endoscopic, or minimally invasively means. Our physicians will help you decide which technique is best suited for your needs.

Endoscopic Brow Lift
Our doctors perform the endoscopic brow lift through      the use of three small incisions (1-2 cm) and a camera connected to a television monitor. The eyebrow is elevated and the muscles that create the angry furrows are weakened. The procedure generally takes a couple of hours and the patient returns home the same day as their procedure.

Temporal Brow Lift – Minimally Invasive
A temporal brow lift is used to elevate the lateral portion of the eyebrow to restore the natural youthful arch of the brow lost with the aging process. Through a small incision (2-3 cm) behind the hairline, the lateral brow is freed from its underlying attachments to the bone and is elevated. There are no scars on the face or forehead as a result of this procedure. Although a temporal brow lift does not address the muscles causing brow furrows, performing a temporal brow lift in conjunction with the use of a neuromodulator can produce results similar to an endoscopic brow lift while minimizing incisions.

Conventional Brow Lift
A conventional brow lift is performed through an incision behind the hairline in a coronal pattern (from ear to ear like wearing headphones). If your hair is receding, the incision may be placed directly at the hairline to prevent adding even more height to your forehead (non-hair bearing areas). Most scars become inconspicuous within the hair as they heal.

Before the procedure begins, your hair will be tied in rubber bands, but will not be shaved. Once the incision is made, the skin and muscles are elevated to gain access to muscles and eyebrow. The eyebrow is elevated to its normal more youthful position and the muscles producing brow wrinkles are weakened. Any excess skin is then removed.